Thomas Carter


Thomas founded Terra in 2005, after spending 10 years directing marketing programs for private companies. Carter was motivated to get outdoors, and recalled fondly his years working for landscaping companies throughout high school and college. His entrepreneurial spirit kicked into gear, and he cranked up his lawn mower. “I began providing lawn maintenance services, working with my mower and the assorted tools I’d accumulated for my own yard,” he says. “Friends were my first clients. That soon spread to others in their neighborhoods; within two months, I’d hired my first employee. Within three months, I bought my first truck.” Over the years, Tom invested in talented people and new equipment to meet the growing needs of his clientele. His team at Terra helps keep everything functioning smoothly.

Ted Pleiman

Sr. Manager & Landscape Consultant/Design

Ted brings over 15 years in the green industry, and is responsible for the landscape division and serves as Terra’s in-house landscape designer.

Daryl Martin

Sr. Manager, Cemetery Management

Daryl has been with Terra from its earliest days, and is currently senior manager for cemetery management.

Casey Glass

Sr. Manager

Casey oversees the landscape division and handles special projects.

Adan Pineda

Sr. Manager, Hardscape and Drainage

Adan brings over 20 years experience in the field of hardscape construction and water flow management (drainage). Adan specializes in the design and construction of any hardscape project and the application of corrective measures for drainage.

Bob Kestell

Sr. Manager, Shrub and Turf Care

Bob brings over a decade of experience in turf and shrub care.

Nimathi Pillay


Nimathi has been with Terra from its first days, and is responsible for keeping the wheels of the Terra bus moving forward!