Plant Healthcare

Ensuring the long-term health of your plants, trees, and lawn not only safeguards your investment — it keeps your property looking pristine. Terra provides a variety of treatment programs for disease and insect control to maximize the health and vigor of your property.

Tree Disease Treatment

Common tree diseases in the greater Washington area include: Leaf Spot, Crown Gall, Root Rot, Leaf Miner, Powdery Mildew, Dogwood Anthracnose. We take into account the individual condition of your trees and shrubs, then provide disease control programs designed to maximize plant health and vigor. Foliar disease applications are designed to protect your valuable evergreen and deciduous ornamentals from damage resulting from disease. Most of these are caused by fungi that are prevalent during spring when the weather is rainy. Treatments provide a protective barrier on the leaf or needle surface that will prevent the germination and growth of spores that cause disease.

Insect and Mite Treatments

Insects and mites usually infest trees and shrubs that are in poor health and/or under stress. Therefore our first priority is to restore the health of your trees and shrubs so that they can naturally resist insect and mite infestation. Our philosophy is to use low toxicity methods and ingredients to reduce populations of insects and mites with the least disruption to other beneficial insects and the environment. The presence of some insects and mites can be harmless, but certain species may be detrimental and even cause trees and shrubs to die. Leafhoppers, scale, weevils, hemlock woolly adelgid, Eastern tent caterpillars, Japanese beetle, lace bug, mealy bug and borers are some of the most common and harmful insects. Control of these species requires proper scheduling to treat each species on your property at the best time to ensure efficacy and environmental integrity. Common insects in the greater Washington area include lace bug, spider mite, tent caterpillar, and Japanese beetle.

Deer Repellent

If your landscape is becoming a buffet for your neighborhood deer population, it’s time to call Terra for an application of deer repellent. Control varies between 30–40 days under normal conditions. This organic foliar application is non-toxic and works by making plants smell and taste bad. Re-application will be necessary after a heavy rainfall or when new growth begins.

Mosquito and Deer Tick Management

Tick control is most needed where the risk of exposure to ticks is greatest — in the woods and garden fringe area. Integrated tick control treatments provide protection by quickly reducing the number of active ticks in your landscape. Our mosquito control program is guaranteed to significantly reduce the mosquito population at your residence, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors in the summer!

Mole Repellent

You spend countless hours and hundreds — perhaps thousands — of dollars beautifying your property, only to have it invaded by destructive tunneling moles, voles, and gophers. Finally, there is an effective, all natural way to rid your property of these pests. Our repellent is formulated to coat earthworms and tender roots, the main sources of food for moles and voles. This creates a very undesirable meal, forcing these hungry nuisances to look elsewhere for food.