Water Flow Management/Drainage

Water has to go somewhere, right? What happens to the water on your property is a critical aspect of flow management. If your property is sloped, chances are high that your landscaping is in danger of being damaged due to rainwater flowing and accumulating in unhealthy ways. Water seeps towards your house, into the basement, or even the house itself. Water drainage issues are very common in many urbanized areas. Most home owners or facility managers do not give this much consideration until a major problem occurs. The main advantage of a proper landscape drainage system is clear: it protects your home or facility from flooding. In addition, it:

Terra can work with you to establish a whole-system approach to a landscape drainage system to enhance and protect the value of your property.

How can you tell if you have water drainage issues? Easily…

Poor drainage causes foundation problems for a number of reasons:

Terra has the solutions

Basically, the idea is to guide the water away from your house and prevent it from pooling up. Solving most drainage problems involves first finding out where the water comes from, then identifying and addressing existing problems such as poorly-placed downspouts, naturally-occurring low areas, or areas on your property that prevent or constrict the natural water flow. With over 20 years of experience creating customized internal and external water management systems, we can affordably solve any water-related issues you may have in and around your home or facility using some combination of systems such as regrading, catch basins, and French drains. Occasionally, a house is designed so that the water rolls right off the roof onto the foundation stone. Perforated pipe is laid beneath this stone and pitched to lead the water away from the house. A well-designed landscape drainage system ensures proper grading, which encourages water flow in a direction away from structures. It also takes into account adjacent properties and ensures they won’t experience unwanted water issues from your property. Please call us for a consultation on how we can help protect your property from drainage problems.